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Jackie Duda

Journalist; Sepsis and Disability Advocate, United States

Title: Surviving the Almost Unsurviveable, and Beyond; Septic Shock nearly killed me, this is my story.

Ahmad El Ouweini

Gulf Medical University, United Arab Emirates

Title: Updates in the Management of Septic Shock

Andy Hullon

Engineering Systems Specialist at Aer Lingus, Ireland

Title: My Sepsis Nightmare

Daryl Jones

Austin Health, Australia

Title: Infections and sepsis in Victorian Emergency Departments

Ann Smith

St John's University, United States

Title: New York State Curriculum on Sepsis Prevention: Sepsis Education Lesson Plans for Grades Pre-K – Grade 12

Vijay Kothari

Institute of Science, Nirma University, India

Title: Deciphering the molecular targets of an antibacterial wound-care nano-formulation Silver Sol® in antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Rob Scott

University of Cape Town, United States

Title: Why Drug Development has failed Sepsis Patients

Hajnal Gabriela Illes

Augustines Malestroit Clinic, France

Title: TBA

Nourah Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Mansour

Dasman Diabetes Institute, Kuwait

Title: Human Beta Defensins 3 And 6 Serve As Diagnostic Tools For Identifying Sepsis And Pneumonia

Christine Caron

Sepsis Canada

Title: Navigating the Road to Recovery: Understanding Wound Care After Sepsis

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